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Reviewing The GBC Proclick P50 Binding Punch


* Small portable desktop
punch for the GBC Proclick Binding Technique. Proclick is a revolutionary
program that permits consumers to open and edit documents in the discipline making use of
a modest and easy zipper device that easily fits in your pocket. Strengths / Characteristics:

* The
P50 is really simple to use, all you require to do is insert among 1-4
pages into the punching slot and slide the handle across. Although the
P50 is rated for up to six sheets of paper I found that it was difficult
to punch far more than about 4 at a time. Nonetheless, if was also difficult to
punch a single sheet of regular paper at a time since it was not quite
rigid. Punching three-4 sheets at a time or 1 cover must be ideal. I also
identified that it was best to use the P50 on a hard flat surface the place
the machine will not move in the course of punching. Nonetheless, you can use it in a
car or in a mobile situation if require be.
* The P50 is capable
of managing each letter dimension sheets and oversize covers. You just have
to line up the edge of your paper with the right guide on the machine
and then proceed with punching.
* The P50 is the two lightweight
(only a number of pounds) and portable generating it the perfect remedy for
organizations with sales representatives. I know a amount of organizations
who give the P50 to their salespeople in the field and have a bigger
volume machine in the workplace for the manufacturing of the original
paperwork. This supplies the capacity to rapidly and simply insert
literature or sales sheets into a presentation or report on a moment's
* The P50 is also a well-known option for residence consumers and
really modest offices that are looking to attempt out color coil binding.
It can be employed along with three:1 pitch spiral coil to create the least
costly coil binding option available on the industry. Even so, for
this application a pair of oversize oval coil crimping pliers are
recommended to help in cutting off the excess coil and bending in excess of
the ends so the coil doesn't spin back off the book. Weaknesses / Limitations:

* The
punching capacity of the P50 is incredibly constrained. This helps make it an
best decision for personalized use, small offices and for representatives in
the field. Even so, the four sheet limitation can make binding much more
than a single or two 50 to 100 page proposals almost unbearable. For most
offices, the financial savings in time by buying a more substantial machine will much more
than make up for the big difference in the value Source Link . mpo500 login
* The P50 is
just a punch, it does not supply any support in finishing the
paperwork with Proclick. Each and every box of Proclick spines comes with a
special zipper tool that will aid you in closing the spines.

However, you could discover that it is more quickly to just snap the rings together
by hand.
* The P50 can punch paperwork with an eleven" binding
edge or oversized covers that are 11.25" x 8.75". Even so, punching
other sizes of documents with the P50 can be very difficult. The closed
throat design does not lend itself to punching longer documents.
Furthermore, the absence of disengageable die pins tends to make it challenging
to punch shorter documents considering that a partial hole will be left on the
edge of the document. Suggestions:

* The Proclick P50 is excellent for private use,

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